Upcoming Events

    • 06 Jul 2018
    • 4:00 PM - 11:59 PM
    • Orillia

    Come join us for a weekend of music with over 50 artists/groups.   Performers have started to be announced such as Danny Michel, Fred Eaglesmith, Nick Lowe, Bahamas, Bill and Joel Plaskett, The Good Lovelies (you've heard them if you've listened to Stuart McLean), Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea), and Buffy Sainte-MarieWalk off the Earth won the Juno Group of the Year in 2016, and will be one of the headliners.  Prices continue to rise as the date gets closer.


    Festival Gates open from Friday 4:00 p.m. to midnight; and Saturday & Sunday from 10 a.m. to midnight. That's a lot of music!  Many of the performers perform multiple times either by themselves or together as a group.

    If you prefer to listen to less music, you can ride your bike, swim , or hike during the day, all available right from your campsite.

    This is an event in conjunction with OCEY.  In past years, we've had over 20 people attending/camping.

    Meet Location:  Tudhope Park, Orillia

    Cost:  Day Pass or Weekend Pass.  Buy early as prices significantly go up as the date approaches.  If you wait till last minute, the price of a single day is about the same or more than an "early bird" weekend pass.  

    "Festival camping" (only available if you buy a weekend pass/person, parking pass is extra)  The "campground" is in Tudhope Park which is a no camping park at all other times.  It is adjacent to the festival grounds so you can walk there.   You can camp from Thurs. 3 p.m. to Monday 12:00 noon.

    Food can be purchased onsite at very reasonable prices, or stoves may be used (limited facilities).

    Guests:   The Mariposa Folk Festival is a very family-friendly event, and you will see generations of families attending with activities for children/grandchildren to keep them busy.  Special pricing for adults under 25, or free for 12 and under.

    Organizer:  Wendy O.

    Buy your ticket first from the Mariposa website (you can buy the camping portion later if you're not sure of accommodations) and select the REGISTER button to register for this event.

    • 21 Jul 2018
    • 22 Jul 2018
    • Six Mile Lake Provincial Park

    Do you like cycling, hiking and camping?  Can you cycle 50-60 km. including hills?  Then, this is an event for you.

    We will be car camping (glamping) at Six Mile Lake Provincial Park on Saturday, July 21.  I have reserved a non-electrical site that will fit 3 tents.  We are car camping, so we can bring luxury items that do not belong in the backcountry!  There are also hotels nearby, so you can always join us for the activities but sleep elsewhere

    Register by:   July 7, 2018

    Event Organizer:   Louise L.

    • 31 Aug 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • 03 Sep 2018
    • 4:30 PM
    • Five Winds Trails - Register by Sun. August 20, 9 p.m.

    We will be camping near our Gravenhurst side trails and will spend a couple of days trailclearing/canoeing with the remainder canoeing/hiking/exploring).  We have a number of portages about 800/800/400 m each way (Brotherson), so packing efficiently and light is essential as we also have to bring in trail clearing equipment and markers, and want to minimize our back and forths on the portages. Food will be independent.  Trail equipment supplied, just bring garden/work gloves.

    If you do not have a canoe, but want to come, sign up as there are usually people with canoes looking for partners,  a canoe available if someone can car top it, or else the possibility that  you can rent with another person.

    Note:  You must be at the put-in by Friday morning.  If you are coming on your own on Saturday, you will need to be totally self-sufficient,  as well as know how to find where we are located, which is not that easy if you don't have the map skills and unfamiliar with the area as this is not a well-known route.

    Meet Location:  At "put-in"  or carpool locations.   More info will be provided to those signed up.

    Cost:  Car pooling costs.

    Max:  10 people

    Organizer:  Wendy O.

    Photos from a previous trip:  here.

    Select the REGISTER button to register/cancel for this event.   

    Registration closes on Sunday, August 25th  at 9 p.m. so people have time to arrange their car pools.  Max 10.

    • 14 Sep 2018
    • 16 Sep 2018
    • Algonquin Park - Highland Trail (Provoking Lake)

    We will arrive at Algonquin on the Friday and spend one night camping at Mew Lake. The next day we will start the loop around Provoking Lake, and camp on a backcountry site in the east end of trail.  The distances are approximately 11km the first day and 8km the second day. There are steep hills on this hike but we will start early each day and take our time to enjoy the scenery. There is a possibility of extending one additional night if the group is interested. There is room for two more tents. The group will share the cost of the camping fees.

    Maximum:  3 tents

    Register ASAP as campsite need to be booked and number of days

    Event Organizer:   Paul M.

    • 16 Sep 2018
    • Gibson Lake area

    Do you like wild mushrooms?  Either to eat or to admire or to photograph?  Do you want to learn about mushroom identification?  Do you love hiking on the Five Winds trails and taking time to stop and smell the roses?  (in this case, the mushrooms).  Then, this hike is for you.

    Louise will be leading a hike on our trails near Gibson Lake.  We'll meet at the Major Mackenzie Carpool lot at 7:45 a.m. and depart at 8:00 sharp.

    Register by:   September 9, 2018

    Event Organizer:   Louise L.

    • 13 Oct 2018
    • 9:30 AM
    • 14 Oct 2018
    • 4:00 PM
    • Five Winds Trails -- 400 side

    Accommodations:  At Mike and Wendy's cottage in Waubaushene, 20 minutes from the trails (1/2 hr from Barrie).  Bring a sleeping bag or sheets.  You can stay Friday (come up Friday evening after work) or Saturday morning.  Maximum 12 staying at the house (even if tenting outside--we only have one bathroom).

    Food:  Bring your own breakfasts and lunches.    Saturday night, we will have a pot luck.  BYOB

    Friday night dinner: I'll make a dinner for those that would like to eat when they get to Waub so no need to stop along the way up.  (pass the hat for dinner).  Dinner at 7:00, or eat when you get there.

    Day Trippers:  Those coming up either Saturday or Sunday, please let me know and will try to arrange car pools.  All dependent on who will be coming up when.

    Cost:  Car pooling.

    Trail Clear:  We will be at the trailhead on Saturday and Sunday starting at 9:30 a.m.  at the trailhead or drop-off spot.  Saturday, we will be off by 4:30-500 p.m.; Sunday will be shorter.

    Select the REGISTER button to register for this event, whether you are planning to stay for the weekend or to do a day trip.

    Deadline:  Sunday, October 8 to allow time to plan what routes, groups, car pooling, make sure we have enough trail clearing equipment, etc.  If you book later, you will have to make your own arrangements on travelling and/or accommodations.

    Registration:  Registration opens on September 1, 2018.

    • 01 Dec 2018
    • 1:00 PM
    • Five Winds Trails

    Note:  This is an ALL DAY EVENT as per website.
    (We needed to "trigger" the cancellation time of Friday 1:00 p.m.)

    Note:  Members who book after Friday 1:00 p.m. will need to select the "late fee" option.  You will be responsible for paying the $10 late fee even if the other options are not grayed out.  We can see the times people register.

    There will be one Off-Trail Snowshoe Group, as well as a number of Ski Groups.

    There will also be one Ski Navigation Group.  This is an opportunity to gain confidence in wilderness navigation using a Five Winds map, compass, features of nature, or a GPS.  Bring a map in a waterproof case (that hangs around your neck or is otherwise easily accessible) and a compass.  GPS is optional

    Currently, there is no Snowshoe Groups this week.  If a Snowshoe Leader becomes available, we will update and let the Membership know.

    Bus Pick-Up Times and Locations can be found here

    Registration will open two weeks before the event.  A Register button will appear near the bottom left-hand corner when registration is open.

    There is now an option to Pay Online (PayPal or Credit Card) or Pay Offline (Invoice Me) which means you will Pay on the Bus or you have a credit owing to you which will be reconciled manually by the administrator.  Non-Members should pay Online.

    Members:  Login first to receive the Member Price options.  Members are allowed to book up to the Friday 1:00 p.m.  You may reserve a spot after this time but a  late fee will apply.  (Note:  The Member Price without Late Fee does not "disappear" until midnight, however, if you book after the cut-off time, you need to select the correct option.  If incorrectly selected, you will be responsible for the extra fee.)   Cancellations without penalty can be made up to Friday, 1:00 p.m. for credit with any refunds to be settled by April 30 or before.

    Non-Members:  Non-Members pay an additional $10 fee and are allowed to book up to the Thursday midnight  After this time, a Non-Member cannot register for the bus.  Cancellations without penalty can be made up to Friday, 1:00 p.m. for credit with any refunds to be settled by April 30 or before.  Non-Members should pay Online.

    Quick Steps to Register

    1.  Login first if you have an account (much of your info will Autofill)
    2.  Click on the Register button
    3.  Enter your E-mail Address > Security Code (if present) >Next
    4.   Select the Price that applies (if late fee applies select from those options) >Next
    5.   Fill out Form > Next
    6.   Review Info and select on one of the following:

    • Cancel Button - If you want to cancel your incomplete registration
    • Invoice Me Button -  Near the bottom right-hand corner click Review all my registrations.  Click on Home to return to the Home Page.  A confirmation will be sent to you.
    • Pay Online Button - Pay by PayPal or Pay with credit or Visa Debit Card.  Follow through with payment.   A confirmation will be sent to you.

    Cancelling Your Registration

    1.  Login and return to the Event
    2.  Under the Register button, click Already registered
    3.  Click the  Cancel Registration button.   You will receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation.  (Note:  After the Friday 1:00 deadline, the Cancel Registration button will disappear).

Past events

12 May 2018 Gibson River to Big Chute Cross-Over Hike -- approx. 17-20 km.
05 May 2018 McCrae Overnight Canoe and Trail Clear
29 Apr 2018 President Day Hike
25 Apr 2018 Spring/Summer/Fall Trip Planning Event - Aboriginal Restaurant - Register ASAP
21 Apr 2018 Overnight Backpack Trip: Five Winds Area - Group B
21 Apr 2018 Overnight Backpack Trip: Five Winds Area - Group A
11 Apr 2018 2018 Annual General Meeting
25 Mar 2018 Bus #12 (Last Bus) - Ski & Snowshoe/Hike - 400 Side of Trails
18 Mar 2018 Bus #11 - Ski & Snowshoe/Hike - GRAVENHURST SIDE
11 Mar 2018 Bus #10 - Ski & Snowshoe/Hike - McCrae Area - Daylight Savings (Clocks go forward one hour)
04 Mar 2018 Bus #9 - Ski, Snowshoe and BBQ
25 Feb 2018 Bus #8 - Ski -- Snowshoe (subject to leader availability)
18 Feb 2018 Bus #7 - Ski - Gravenhurst Side
17 Feb 2018 Queen Elizabeth 2 Park Hot Tenting
11 Feb 2018 Bus #6 - Ski, Five Winds Snowshoe, and Snowshoe (Bruce Trail Bus Share)
10 Feb 2018 Snowshoe - Winter Camping - "Glamping" - Algonquin Park
04 Feb 2018 Bus #5 - Ski, Ski Navigation & Snowshoe - GRAVENHURST SIDE
22 Jan 2018 Queen Elizabeth 2 Park Traverse and Return Loop Explore Winter Camping - Snowshoe
21 Jan 2018 Bus#3 - Ski & Snowshoe
14 Jan 2018 Bus #2 - Ski, Ski Navigation & Snowshoe
07 Jan 2018 Bus #1 - Ski & Snowshoe
19 Dec 2017 Holiday and Winter Season Celebration
07 Dec 2017 Five Winds Training Workshop
22 Nov 2017 TEST FOR ADMIN ONLY: Winter Bus Reservations with Payment 2017-18
04 Nov 2017 Snowfest
20 Oct 2017 Gravenhurst Cottage Trail Clearing Wknd - or Come Up for the Day
13 Oct 2017 400 Side - Cottage Trail Clearing Wknd (Sat/Sun - Fri. Night Arrival Option) - or Come up for the Day
01 Sep 2017 Canoe and Trail Clear - Gravenhurst Side of Trails
07 Jul 2017 57th Annual Mariposa Folk Festival - Orillia
24 Jun 2017 Cycle & Studio Art Tour Loop - 34 to 43 km
07 May 2017 President Day Hike
06 May 2017 McCrae Overnight Canoe and Trail Clear
24 Apr 2017 Annual General Meeting
22 Apr 2017 Overnight Backpack - Vautier Area
14 Apr 2017 Good Friday Day Hike - Pretty Channel Loop Hike - approx. 10 km.
05 Apr 2017 Spring/Summer/Fall Trip Planning Event - Restaurant/Pub
26 Mar 2017 Winter Bus #12 - Ski - CANCELLED - END OF WINTER BUS
19 Mar 2017 Winter Bus #11 - Ski/Snowshoe - Hot Dog & Bonfire Day
12 Mar 2017 Winter Bus #10 - Ski
05 Mar 2017 Winter Bus #9 - Ski
26 Feb 2017 Winter Bus #8 - BUS CANCELLED - Ski & Snowshoe (Bruce Trail - Toronto)
23 Feb 2017 Reel Paddling Film Festival
19 Feb 2017 Winter Bus #7 - Ski & Snowshoe
12 Feb 2017 Winter Bus #6 - Ski
05 Feb 2017 Winter Bus #5 - Ski & Ski Navigation Group
04 Feb 2017 Overnight Hot Tenting & Snowshoe
29 Jan 2017 Winter Bus #4 - Ski & Snowshoe
22 Jan 2017 Winter Bus #3 - Ski & Snowshoe (Bruce Trail - Toronto)
21 Jan 2017 Overnight Hot Tenting & Snowshoe
15 Jan 2017 Winter Bus #2 - Ski / Ski Navigation / Snowshoe Groups
08 Jan 2017 Winter Bus #1 - Ski & One Snowshoe Group
05 Jan 2017 Five Winds Ski and Snowshoe Safety Training Workshop
18 Dec 2016 Snowshoe (Sun) - (10-14 km) - Get to Know Your Trails
12 Dec 2016 Holiday and Winter Season Celebration
10 Dec 2016 2016 12 10-11 Long Lake Adventure Hike
03 Dec 2016 Hike - (10-14 km) - Get to Know Your Trails
26 Nov 2016 MEC Snowfest (Barrie)
26 Nov 2016 Gibson River Classic Adventure Hike - Overnight Backpack
19 Nov 2016 Hike - (10-14 km) - Get to Know Your Trails
12 Nov 2016 Hike (Sat) - (10-14 km) - Get to Know Your Trails
06 Nov 2016 Hike/Ski/Snowshoe (Sun) - (10-14 km) - Get to Know Your Trails
05 Nov 2016 Bearshead Lake Backpack
05 Nov 2016 MEC Snowfest (Toronto)
22 Sep 2016 (copy) Sample Winter Bus Sign-Up Sheet
21 Sep 2016 FW Executive Meeting - 7:30 p.m.
11 Sep 2016 McCrae Lake Campsite Cleanup with Barrie Canoe Club

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