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The Five Winds Backcountry Ski Club is a four-season outdoor club.  During the winter months, we enjoy cross country skiing on marked, ungroomed wilderness trails, off-trail snowshoeing and winter camping.  Each Sunday, from January to the end of March, a luxury coach will take us to different areas of our trail system.  During the spring, summer and fall, we enjoy activities such as hiking, backpacking, trail clearing, and camping.   Read more...

Upcoming Events show the next five events currently listed on the website. You can see a list of calendar events with new events posted on an ongoing basis here  It does not necessarily include events from the Members Only (paid membership) Google Group. 

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Five Winds News:  Latest news about the Club (public website).

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Bus Updates - Our bus captains will give you the latest info on the bus, where we are going, if there is space still available for walk-ons, and/or snow/weather conditions.

Snow Updates - We have many members who have homes or cottages near our trail system, so we will receive frequent Snow Updates on how much snow we have in the general vicinity of our trails, state of ice conditions. 

Trail Updates:  This is an area for trail captains and all members to post any comments about our trails such as blow-downs and location, chainsaw work needed, trail cleared, missing signs, etc.  (Five Winds Members must login first to view or post.)

January 19, 2020 - Ski/Snowshoe Bus Outing
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This year, we are planning to have Sunday Bus off-trail snowshoe events each week ( as well as some snowshoe/winter camping events).  Short notice events such as ski, snowshoe, hikes, trail clearing, backpacking trips and winter camping will be sent by way of the Members' Google Group.

Bus runs every Sunday for Ski and Snowshoe groups starting in January until the  end of March or until the snow disappears.  Our first bus will be on Sunday, January 5, 2020. 

When many of the cross-country ski resorts have closed for the season, we are usually still running buses to our trail system.

Read more about this new event:  The Five Winds Challenge Event(s) here.

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