Trail Clearing

Trail clearing is fun!  Volunteering for this activity is a great way to get to know the trails and fellow members.

With 125 km of trails, many hours are needed to maintain our trail system.  To space out the maintenance work, and to take advantage of the longer daylight hours, we now maintain the trails during the spring, summer and fall, with the bulk of the trail clearing occurring in the fall.  We organize day, weekend or multi-day trips.

On well-maintained trails, it really means not much more than a hike, with some clipping back of brush, removal of any branches that may have fallen along the path, and making sure there are trail markers so that we can find our way. 

We have many trails that cannot be maintained in a day due to its distance, topography or remote locations.  For those, we combine overnight and multi-day camping events via day hikes, backpack, canoe, or cottage weekends with a trail clearing component to access the trail system.

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