COVID Protocols

(As of January 2023 - TO BE UPDATED)

We assume that all participants are vaccinated and will take appropriate steps, including wearing a mask and withdrawing from events if they feel unwell. 

  1.  If you need to cancel the bus due to COVID-19 or other illness concerns after Friday 1:00 p.m.:

  • Since the "Cancel Registration" button will disappear after Friday 1:00 p.m. 
    • If you answered "yes" to the standard COVID screening questions or tested positive, we will credit your account for that bus.  You will be eligible to board the bus 14 days after (2 buses).  
    • Send an email to  Please do this by Sunday 7:00am

      Wappreciate your honesty in this matter (please do not use this option if you are cancelling due to weather forecasts, a change in your personal schedule, etc.)

2. After the event and in case of a Positive Test

Participants who experience any COVID-19 symptoms following a Five Winds Backcountry Ski Club organized event must:
  • Get tested for COVID and self-quarantine until they get the results.  Public Health will be responsible for contact tracing.  Find your local health unit at:
  • Ask their local health unit to send an email to and we will assist with contact tracing.
  • Notify the Club by sending an email to as soon as possible, so we can notify other event participants as quickly as possible (your name will not be shared with anyone except public health authorities if they request it).
  • If a positive has been confirmed, the Club will:  1) Send information to the Public Health Unit(s) for Contact Tracing; 2) cancel the next bus; 3) cancel all registrations for the following bus automatically and credit monies back into your account; and 4) post a COVID-19 Exposure Notice with the bus/event date on our Home Page.

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