Reserve your Bus Seat

You can reserve your seat on the bus two ways.  Select one.  Book by Friday 1 p.m. prior to the event to avoid a $10 late charge fee.

  1. Online:  From the Home Page, scroll down to Upcoming Events (next six events appear) and click on the event link.    A Register button will appear two weeks before the Winter Bus events starts.   Fill the form > Next > Confirm.  You will receive an auto-reply e-mail confirming your registration.   [Note:  You may also go to the Currents Events page.]

  2. On the Bus:  On the previous week's bus, a sign-up sheet will be circulated where you can reserve your seat for the following week.
  • Any bookings made after Friday 9 p.m., may or may not be picked up by the coordinators.  These participants will be placed in groups where available.

Cancel your Bus Seat

Cancel by Friday 1 p.m. to avoid any bus fare fee charges.
  1. Online:  From the Home page, select the event you want to cancel your registration.  Select the Register button, filling out the form, and select Cancel My Reservation > Confirm.  You may receive a message that there is another registration.  Ignore the message and continue filling out the form.  You do not need to contact the Administrator.  You will receive an auto-reply e-mail confirming your cancellation.

Bus Updates

You can check the Bus Updates here , or from the Home Page by Saturday noon to see if there is any more space availability; or if the bus is cancelled because of poor conditions (e.g. rain day), as well as find out which area of our trails we plan on skiing.  In the event of a cancellation, an e-mail will be sent to All Members.

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