Reserve your Bus Seat

To reserve and have a confirmed seat on the bus, register and Pay Online.  You will receive a confirming e-mail once complete.  There is now an option to Pay Online or Invoice Me (Member's Only) which means money will be taken from your Account where you have prepaid with sufficient funds to cover the bus, or you have a credit owing to you which will be reconciled manually by the administrator.  

Members:  May book their spot as soon as the Winter Bus Events are posted.  Login first to receive the Member Price options.  Members are allowed to book up to the Friday 1:00 p.m.  without incurring a late fee.  After that time a $10 late fee will be added to your booking.  There are no walk-ons.  Cancellations without penalty can be made up to Friday, 1:00 p.m. for credit with any refunds to be settled by April 30 or before. [Note:  The Member Price without the late fee does not "disappear" until midnight, but you will need to select the "late fee" option.  If you select incorrectly, you will be responsible for this extra fee as we can see the timestamp of when you booked.]

Non-Members:  Non-Members may register two weeks before the date of the event, and pay an additional $15 guest fee.  You are allowed to book up to Thursday midnight.  After this time, a Non-Member cannot register for the bus.  No walk-ons are allowed.  Cancellations without penalty can be made up to Friday, 1:00 p.m. for credit with any refunds to be settled by April 30 or before. 

Registering for an Event

  1. Login first if you have an account (much of your info will AutoFill).   If you are a Member, you need to do this to get Member prices.
  2. From the Home Page, scroll down to Upcoming Events (next six events appear), or click on the Current Events tab.  Click on the event link. 
  3. Click on the Register button 
  4. Enter your E-mail Address > Security Code (if present) >Next
  5. Select the Price that applies (if late fee applies, select from those options) > Next

  6. Fill out Form > Next

  7. Review info and select one of the following:

    • Cancel Button - If you want to cancel your incomplete registration
    • Invoice Me Button -  Near the bottom right-hand corner click Review all my registrations.  Click on Home to return to the Home Page.  This is only used for those members who have a credit on their account where they have prepaid.
    • Pay Online Button -   Follow through with payment.  
      You will receive a confirming e-mail that your reservation was successful.

Cancel your Bus Seat

Cancel by Friday 1 p.m. to avoid any bus fare/fee charges.
  1. Login:  From the Home page or go to the Events List,  select the event you want to cancel your registration.  
  2. Under the Register button, click Already Registered
  3. Click the Cancel Registration button.  You will receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation. 

Bus Updates

You can check the Bus Updates here , or from the Home Page by Saturday noon to see if there is any more space availability (members only) and sign up online.  No walk-ons.   If the bus is cancelled because of poor conditions (e.g. rain day), we will post on the Bus Updates but also send an e-mail to all registrants. 

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