Cross-Over Policy

What is a Five Winds Cross-Over and Policy

  • The cross-over is our club's most demanding event.  It may be cancelled or postponed at any time during the preceding week or on the Sunday morning at the trailhead, depending on weather and snow conditions.
  • Members must indicate their wish to attempt the cross-over when registering on-line before the Friday 1:00 p.m. deadline.
  • There will always be at least one ski group not doing the cross-over.
  • Normally, only members who have skied with Five Winds at least once during the current season may request that they participate in the cross-over.
  • Normally, guests are not permitted to do the cross-over.
  • Normally, snowshoe groups will not do the cross-over.
  • A member of Five Winds, who has signed up to ski the cross-over, may be denied permission to participate in that particular cross-over ski day.  The skier will be notified of the decision no later than Saturday noon.
  • A decision to deny or permit a skier (member or guest) to participate in the cross-over will be made by Saturday noon by a committee of three:  A Group Leader who is familiar with the skier's ability, the skier's designated Group Leader for that day; and the Ski Group Organizer(s).
  • Should a non-registered Five Winds member appear on Sunday morning wishing to ski the cross-over, it is again a decision of the "committee of three" to deny or permit the skier to participate in the Cross-over depending on skiing ability and also taking into consideration the balance of the ski groups for the cross-over day.

General Notes on Cross-Over Policy

Message on Sign-up On Website
"We hope to do a cross-over next Sunday, however, at any point during the week or on the Sunday morning at the trailhead, it may be cancelled due to weather or snow conditions.  Skiers signing up online should indicate no later than 1:00 p.m. on Friday, whether they wish to do the cross-over or ski with a non-cross-over group."

Group Composition
The Ski Group Organizer should ensure that there are at least two strong skiers and two navigators in each cross-over group.  This may involve "sprinkling in" some of the stronger skiers into the slower groups.

On the Bus
One Group Leader who is not doing the cross-over will be designated the Primary Contact Person.  All Group Leaders and skiers will be made aware of who this person is, and which skiers are in the Primary Contact group.  The Primary Contact Person must be prepared to take on the responsibilities of this position which could become quite demanding should group(s) decide to abort the cross-over.

Yes or No to the Cross-Over at the Trailhead
At the trailhead, the group leaders will get off the bus and decide whether or not conditions are suitable for a cross-over.

 If Yes to the Cross-Over
Cross-over skiers will leave the bus first and get going as soon as possible.

Confirm Members in Group
Before each ski group leaves the trailhead, the group leader should confirm that all skiers as listed on his/her group are accounted for.

Bus Timetable
The bus will remain at the trailhead for 1.5 hours, and will return to the trailhead by 2:30 p.m.  It will leave from the trailhead for Nine Mile Marina at 3:30 p.m. (unless all Cross-Over groups have aborted.  See below.)

Aborting the Cross-over after Starting
Around noon, each cross-over group should assess whether it can successfully complete the cross-over, or whether they should turn back.

Should a group decide to abort their cross-over, they should contact the Primary Contact Person, or someone in his/her group.  The aborting group should try to be back at 3:30 p.m. before the bus leaves the baseball diamond at 3:30 p.m. to drive to Nine Mile Marina.  If possible, calls should also be made to the other groups doing the cross-over advising them of their decision to abort the cross-over.

Should all groups abort their cross-overs, then the Primary Contact Person must hold the bus until everyone is back at the trailhead.  The bus will plan to leave from there at 4:30 p.m. and head directly back to Toronto.

The Primary Contact person will notify all of the groups of the change in departure times.

Late Arrival at Nine Mile Marina
Any cross-over group who does not believe that they will be at the bus at Nine Mile Marina by 5:00 p.m. should contact the Primary Contact person to indicate the nature of their problem and their ETA.


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