Trail Signage & Markers

Yellow 3 x 5" trail markers have been placed along the trail system. Most junctions have named signs where trails intersect, however, these are not directional way-finding signs.

Our "old way" of marking has two straight markers which would indicate you would need to turn either left or right, depending on where you see the next marker.  Recently, we have been putting up two angled markers to show a turn plus direction.  You will see both the straight and angled double markers on the trail system.

Markers   Direction
 Single Markers
Straight Ahead
A vertical marker is placed on the left-hand side of the trail.

If a tree is not available on the left side, a marker can be placed on the right-hand side of the trail, and should be angled to let the trail user know to pass on the left-hand side. 
Pass on Right
(Marker is on left-hand side of trail)
Pass on Left
(Marker is on right-hand side of trail)
 Double Markers
Indicates a Turn
(Left or Right)
You may see another set of double markers on the side of the tree which indicates the direction of the trail when coming from the opposite direction.
Turn Right
(plus Direction)
Turn Left
(plus Direction)
 Triple Markers
 Indicates a Junction
You may see another set of triple marker(s) on the side of the tree which indicates the direction of one of the other trails.  
           Two or more trails may intersect.        
Trail users are advised to acquire some competence in First Aid and navigation by map and compass, and should carry survival equipment.  The trails are not groomed and are not patrolled, and those venturing any distance should be physically and mentally prepared to exist at least overnight in a survival situation

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