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Membership Application
  • Five Winds Membership Application (can be done on line now) 
    Signed waiver form needs to be signed for completion of membership application (it can also be done on line now)
Waiver Forms  
Waiver Form
  • Five Winds Individual Waiver Form.  Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk to be signed and emailed/mailed to Memberships in conjunction with Membership Application; or to the event coordinator or bus coordinator before attending the event.  This can also be done completely on line now.
Waiver Form
  • Five Winds Group Waiver Form.  Event coordinator to provide this form to group participants to sign and provide emergency contact information for non-winter bus events  
Use of Waiver Policy
  • Five Winds Waiver Policy.  This is helpful for those leading trips on what you need to do with respect to making sure participants have signed their waivers.  
Club Sanctioned and Non-Insurance Sanctioned Events
  • Five Winds Policy on the types of activities that are covered by Club Insurance; and what to do if you would like to post Non-Insured Events e.g. Posting in Google Groups or posting events from other clubs  
Cross-Over Policy
  • Five Winds Policy regarding the Cross-Over Day
Health & Safety Forms  
Health Information Form
  • Five Winds Health Information Form.  To be filled out by participants for all events, and put in a clear ziplock somewhere accessible in your pack that the group can find it in case of emergency.  This is important for your safety so that others can assist you. 
Incident Report Form
  •  Five Winds Incident Report Form.  Trip leaders to fill out if there is an incident.  Input form all involved in the incident would be desirable.  (Word Document)
COVID Protocols & Procedures
  • Covid Safety: Self-screening before, protocols on the bus, what to do if sick/positive after.
Zoom Dec 2021
  •  Zoom Dec 2021:  Covid Protocols, Bus Safety, What to Expect on a Ski/Snowshoe Day
Emergency Response Plan
  • Emergency Response Plan.    It includes; 1)Casualty Assessment, and 2) Script for Call to EMS.  Carry this in your backpack.
How To Relay Information About Where You are
  •  How to Relay Information About Where You Are
Safety-Related Reports and Forms Policy
  •  Safety-Related Reports and Forms Policy
Chainsaw Usage
  •  Chainsaw Safety Precautions and Usage 
  •  PowerPoint presentation which includes topics such as ice formation, planning your route, assessing situations, risk mitigation and management 
 Late to Bus Protocol
  • Late to Bus Protocol    
 Safety Report Flow Chart
  • Safety Report Flow Chart
 Guidelines for Group Leaders
  •  Guidelines for Group Leaders on Winter Bus Day Trips
Day Pack/Backpack Checklist
  • One page Excel spreadsheet to help you pack the right stuff.
What you should carry in your backpack
  •  This document expands on the Day Pack Checklist-Winter Events and why we carry these items.  Information is set up as a presentation.   
 History of the Club 
Gibson River - Past and Presen
  •   Gibson River - Past and Present    A Five Winds Chronicle written by Mike Naughton, our founding president
Thoughts on Tour Leading
  •  Some thoughts on Tour Leading by Mike Naughton - 1979
  •  Excerpt of Mike Naughton's autobiography (Founder of the Five Winds Touring Club) and how the club was formed (Hint:  Do a search for "Five Winds"
Honouring Mike Naughton
  •  Honour Mike Naughton - 1918-2015 - Last Wishes
  •  Founder, Five Winds Backcountry Ski Club
 How To?
  •  Relates to "how to" instructions to perform functions through the website
 Account Balance
  •  How do I check my balance in my account?
 Load cash in account
  •  How to add money in my account?  Used for prepayment or settling up to a "zero" balance (available to paid Members only),
 Winter Bus Registration
  •  How to sign up and pay for my bus reservations? (PayPal or major credit card)?
  • How to sign up and pay for my bus reservation if I have a credit in my account?
  • Late Fee Charges
 Cancelling a Registration
  •  How to cancel my registration
Changing Reservation Info
  •  How to change your registration?  (e.g. You are now changing from skiing to snowshoeing or vice versa, or you are changing your pick-up location that is/was an "upon request" stop.




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