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(copy) Sample Winter Bus Sign-Up Sheet

  • 22 Sep 2016
  • Five Winds Trails


Registration is closed

This is a sample of a bus sign up sheet.

This form can be filled out if you are logged in as a member or as a member of the public.  Best practice is to always login if you are a Five Winds member.  Advantages of logging in, a number of the fields will auto-populate so you don't have to type in information over and over again.  By logging in, the system will keep track of the events you've attended, or will be attending, so if you can't remember if you've signed up for something, you can look.

In this event, you see the REGISTER button.  Normally, the REGISTER button will not appear until two weeks before a Winter Bus event, but for testing purposes, it appears.  The beginning date of when the REGISTER button appears will be dependent on the event, but notifications can be sent automatically at pre-determined times to announce when registration is open.

Cancelling for the bus:  If you need to cancel your reservation, you just fill out the form again.  The system will prompt you that there's already a reservation in the system.  You do not need to contact the administrator, and can ignore that message and continue with creating another registration.  The form should auto-populate. and you should select the cancellation option.  The bus coordinators will be able to determine if you have cancelled and at what time.

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