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Instructions:  All members can upload pictures to the web site.  Please try to do so early in the week.  The pictures help to show how much snow we have in our ski area.  Please be selective on the pictures and post small files.  The files posted on our web site are less than 500 kb or 1/2 mb.  Most cameras are at least 5 mb (5000 kb), so at least 20 times larger than you need.  If you're measuring by size, 640 x 480 size will be more than enough to show the pictures well.

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January 22, 2017

Winter Bus:  Ski & Snowshoe (Toronto Bruce Trail)

What a beautiful day out, and the conditions were great.   With the recent warm spell, the snow has compressed, so whether skiing on trail or off trail, trailbreaking was easy, and giving a chance for the groups to explore the backcountry.  Snow was soft, making maneuvering quite easy.  We were even able to go on some of the swamps and marshes as there was still a lot of good ice.  Thanks to the Toronto Bruce Trail members who came out snowshoeing, and being led off trail by Iva and Lucy.

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