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Skiing, South of Hardy Lake

26 Feb 2019 7:11 PM | Anonymous member

Despite the strong northwest winds, it was a beautiful afternoon for a ski. With the recent thaw, and rain, I was hoping a good consolidation had occurred. I had my doubts, as when I walked the bush behind the house there was no chance I could stay on top. I wasn’t sure whether even being on skis would be much better … only one way to find out.

Elaine, Stephen, and I headed up to Hardy Lake for a short afternoon ski, south of the highway. I was pleasantly surprised at the firmness of the snow, not perfect, but enough to avoid the strenuous trail breaking we had recently been enduring. The 5-10 cm of fresh, wind blown snow, kept conditions from being too slick.

We had a few hours to ski about, trying the ponds, ridges and forested areas. We stuck to the open areas when we had the winds at our back, opting for a more sheltered route when heading the other way.

We were back at the cars in about 2 ¼ hrs, having enjoyed great off-trail conditions!


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