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25 Mar 2017 8:25 PM | Anonymous member

After a day of freezing rain, rain and snow, the system had pushed off to the south of us. There was even sun in the forecast, although the morning was still pretty dull looking. A trace of snow had slightly whitened everything. I procrastinated about getting out again, but was still keen to explore more of the area northeast of Rosseau. I sent messages to my sister, Markus and Elaine Robbins to see if anyone was tempted, and had time for a potentially challenging ski day. Elaine took the “bait”, but needed time to get ready. 

We were off driving by 10:30, it would be a late start, but today we would have more time to ski later. By 11:30 we were pulling onto Bear Cave Road. Now ... were to start off? I had considered driving further up, but seeing a snow covered and slippery road ahead of us, decided to only go the short distance in and park by the same place Markus and I had started from the other day. 

Snow conditions were excelllent, a firm base, although softening up a bit, with a cm or 2 fresh snow on top. Pond ice was good as well, although a few puddles were forming on top of the ice. Negotiating the steep terrain was much easier today, not as slick … and I only had to take my skis off once, when negotiating an almost vertical drop without snow, onto a pond. As the day progressed, the weather improved, warming temperatures and more patches of blue sky. A late lunch became a sunbathed lunch where we were frequently pelted by chunks of slush falling off the trees above us. By the end of lunch the skies were totally blue, and the day was feeling almost balmy. 

Markus and I had hoped to do some pond hopping with the canoe in here this spring, however, as with the other ski day, we noticed most ponds had little water in them, the beaver dams having been all compromised. Too bad, as with the quantity of potential wetlands, this would have been a great area to paddle through. Our route took us more to the west, but we eventually looped back, partly skiing some of the route Markus and I had skied the other day. Those tracks were barely visible with the recent rain and snow.

Back to the car by 4:30, another great day. If we are lucky, and we get through the next few wet days without too much rain, I expect conditions to survive, and hope to squeeze a few more days mid-week, before putting away the skis for another year.

A link to some pictures and map of the route:


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