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03 Mar 2017 3:22 PM | Anonymous member

A surprise, we awoke to more fresh snow this morning just a few cms, but a good addition to the few cms that fell yesterday. The temperature was minus 10, skies were blue, but a good stiff northwest wind was blowing. Graham was heading back to Toronto today and was hoping for a 3 or 4 hour morning to early afternoon ski. Elaine Robbins was free to come out as well. We decided it was best to ski in the Jevins-Cornall Lakes area. We could get a quick start and be back in good time.

We parked down on Hewitt Street and skied off into the forest. Off by 10AM. Great conditions with the fresh snow. Pond ice was much better today. The only areas we experienced any water was in a few low lying areas in the forests. The wet areas were frozen over, drained somewhat with a few cms of elevated ice. The firm base topped with 4 cm of snow created better conditions than yesterday. Beautiful undulating open ridges and solid ponds that we could glide over with ease. Turning on slopes was a breeze with the solid surfaces. We we around our loop and back to the car by 1:30PM.

Another great day with amazing snow conditions!

A link to pictures, videos and a map of the route


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