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A Beautiful Spring Ski Day

27 Feb 2017 5:21 PM | Anonymous member

Graham wanted to come up with Stephen and ski somewhere today. we had a plan to ski east of the Muskoka Tourism Centre on Highway 11, meeting there early this morning. When checking the weather and seeing that the temperatures were not very cold overnight I wondered if we would have a sloppy day on the ponds. Being further south could also mean thinner ice conditions. There was some snow falling as well, however as I drove south it appeared we might see the sun.

As we started off the snow was perfect, solid as a rock, with about a centimetre of fresh snow on top. Ponds were prefect as well with soild ice. The sun came out and except for a few cloudy periods, we skied the entire day with blue skies, and temperatures a few degrees above freezing. Conditions were absolutely perfect! This was the type of day worth all the accumulating snow storms and squalls experienced early this season. We did have to watch where we skied when following some of the streams with the increased water flow, otherwise a great day … and dry feet as well.

Unfortunately mother nature seems to want to rid us of the snow, as another big rain event is on the horizon. Hopefully this one misses us as well!

A link to pictures, videos, and a map of the route


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