Five Winds Challenge Event(s)

  •  A series of challenges where Members can complete  the Five Winds trails by various means of activity e.g. skiing or backpacking/hiking (approximately April thru December when ski season is finished).
  • Approximately 40 trails divided into six sections based on location.  
  • Timeframe:  December 1 to November 30 to complete each section (after Nov. 30, all trail completions will start over, but completed sections can be carried over with the goal of completing all six sections)
  • Once all sections are completed, you will be awarded:
    •  "Coureur de Bois"Status - all trails completed within one year
    •  "Tourer" Status - all trails completed within two years
    •  "Explorer" Status - all trails completed within three years
  •  Gold/Silver/Bronze Awards:  A higher level of achievement is obtained based on leadership/self-improvement/organizing/administrative/maintenance/promotion type of activities
More information is posted on the Members' site.

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