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Sunday, January 13, 2019 Bus -- Snow and Ice Conditions

08 Jan 2019 2:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The snow conditions on the trails and forests has a firm snow base of around 6-12 inches, with a dusting of new snow on top.

The lakes have 8 inches plus of ice.  So safe.  Creeks and beaver dams have of course  running water, but this generally is not an issue to get around.  

This will enable us to have both ski and snowshoe groups.

Skiers will tend to ski the marshes and ponds.  

Snowshoers, bring your snowshoes, but if you have icers, bring those as well.  Once we arrive in the area, we'll have a better idea but we expect it's likely a snow hike, and you may only need icers.  We can leave the snowshoes in  the bus.  We had 2 snowshoe groups on Jan 6, 2019 (one group used icers and one group snowshoed) .  The plan on Jan 13, 2019 is to have 2 snowshoe groups again.

We are looking at the 12 Mile Lake Bay area and surrounding marshes/flats as the best place to go this week.  Drop off on the road and pick up at Galla Lake or somewhere on the road.

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