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  • Sunday, January 6, 2019 Bus -- Snow and Ice Conditions

Sunday, January 6, 2019 Bus -- Snow and Ice Conditions

02 Jan 2019 8:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The snow condtiions on the trails and forests are low, but we currently have excellent ice conditions with fresh snow on top.  This will enable us to have both ski and snowshoe groups.

Skiers will be able to ski the marshes and ponds but in connecting sections you may need to take off skis dependent on the snow level.

Snowshoers, bring your snowshoes, but if you have icers, bring those as well.  Once we arrive in the area, we'll have a better idea but we expect it's likely a snow hike, and you may only need icers.  We already have a couple of snowshoe groups and we have a number of leaders who have indicated that they will lead other snowshoe/hike groups.

We are looking at the Vautier area and surrounding marshes/flats as the best place to go this week.


Changing your reservation (from ski to snowshoe or vice versa)

If you have already booked and would like to switch from skiing to snowshoeing, please do so before (Friday 1 p.m.).   It will be helpful to our group coordinators so they can plan the groups before getting on the bus.

If you decide to switch after Friday, 1 p.m., you will not be able to do so online anymore, and would need to contact the coordinators or the website, however, there is no guarantee that the message will be seen.  In that case, the coordinators will deal with it on the bus.

For instructions on how to change your reservation?:  Click here.

Please remember to go to the Bus Updates link found on the  home page for any update info as we won't always send e-mails out.


  • 08 Jan 2019 2:15 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    We did noT use snowshoes. We hiked with icers on only.

    There was a few spots in the woods where the snow was 8-12 inches deep, but vast majority of our bush hike we only sunk 2 inches in the fairly firm base.

    Ice was 8 inches plus thick on Coldwater Lake. Just a dusting of snow on top of ice.

    Crossing grass cover marshes one had to take steps carefully.

    Nice day where temperature was around -2 to -4 C.

    Skiing would have been ok also. Dusting on top of firm base.
    Better conditions than expected.
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